broken molar no pain

Broken Molar: No Pain, What Should You Do?

Experiencing a broken molar with no pain can be deceivingly comforting, yet it harbors underlying risks that should not be overlooked. This article delves into the phenomenon of a pain-free broken molar, unraveling the mystery behind why some dental damages manifest silently and the importance of timely intervention. Join us as we explore the hidden aspects of this dental anomaly, emphasizing the criticality of professional evaluation even in the absence More...

Oral Surgery

Is Oral Surgery Medical Or Dental? What’s The Difference

Are you planning to have oral surgery in the future and thinking, is oral surgery medical or dental? It makes sense that oral surgery is commonly performed as a dental technique. However, many individuals are not aware that oral surgical treatment can also be performed for medical purposes. In fact, when you go to a medical center, they can provide various oral surgeries to treat any medical conditions related … More...

The woman is excited to get porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic Dental Care Tips For Your Dental Restoration

Many people consider the aesthetic look and not only focus on the function when getting a dental treatment. That is why knowing the proper cosmetic dental care is vital to last your dental procedures. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is very popular especially teeth whitening. In general cosmetic procedures have become affordable to more and more people. You can visit Leichhardt Marketplace Dental’s website for all your cosmetic dentistry needs.


cleft lip surgery

Cleft lip surgery

A cleft lip is a common birth effect that affects many children around the world. In fact, it is estimated that about 700 babies are born annually with a cleft lip. A cleft lip is an issue where a child’s lip is not fully formed. This happens while the child is in the fetal stage in the womb and when born, the baby will appear to have a disjoined upper … More...