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Clear color braces: Would you prefer them?

Straightening your teeth is such an easy task, now that there are so many good options that you can choose from. One of these reliable options is clear color braces. Here, let us discover the pros and cons of clear color braces, its difference from other orthodontic procedures, and their cost. If you want to know more about ceramic braces or dental aligners, feel free to read on.


What can be clear color braces?

There are some dental websites that declare they offer clear color braces, but for the sake of clarity, what are clear color braces? Well, that would involve two very popular orthodontic procedures – the ceramic braces, and the clear dental aligners. Let us explain further.

Ceramic braces are like the traditional braces, but instead of using silver or gray-colored materials, they use tooth-colored wires and brackets. This answers the main concern of people who wanted to have a discreet orthodontic treatment. Because they can’t get it from scene-stealing metal braces, they switch to ceramic or clear color braces.

Dental aligners like Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and WonderSmile sometimes refer to themselves as clear or invisible dental aligners, but some also call them clear color braces. Maybe because the word braces has been associated with orthodontic procedures, these big companies adapted the word for their product as well, though their usage is very different from the ‘real’ braces. Clear dental aligners are customized and fabricated using medical-grade thermoplastic that is clear and unnoticeable. They fit perfectly to the teeth and are removable.


Clear color braces: Pros and cons

Let us compare clear color braces, whether ceramic braces or dental aligners, to traditional metal braces to see the benefits and downsides of both procedures.


They are less visible. You do not want to look like the nerdy kids on TV wearing flashy metal gears on their teeth. You want to correct your teeth alignment in a subtle way, so much so that sometimes, the only person who knows you are straightening your teeth is you!

They move teeth quickly. Some say that clear color braces work faster than metal ones. This may be true with dental aligners if the patient is very obedient to his dentist. This may also depend on the severity of the malocclusion. Of course, mild crookedness can easily be corrected compared to severe alignment conditions.

ceramic bracesFor ceramic braces, you can choose any color. You only get gray or silver for metal braces. Ceramic braces are customized to fit the color of your teeth to make it more invisible. All colors can also be added to the brackets if you wish to make your procedure more fun!

For dental aligners, they are removable. Cleaning your teeth and eating your favorite food can never become a hassle because you can just remove your aligners and go away with those things!

They don’t affect radiographs or any imaging. They are not made of metal, so getting x-rays will not be a problem.



They are more expensive than metal braces. Expect ceramic braces to cost at least $1000 to $2000 more than metal braces, and dental aligners can be more expensive than metal ones depending on the type you would choose.

They are less durable. Made of ceramic (clear braces) and thermoplastic (dental aligners) they may be strong but that is nothing compared to the metal parts of traditional braces.

They cannot handle severe malocclusion. If you have severe malocclusion, your dentist would still prefer that you use metal braces.

They may stain. Yes, with continued use, these invisible clear color braces may be more prone to discoloration than the metal braces.

To learn more about clear braces, check out this post about the top clear aligner brands today to see what their pros and cons are.

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