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Dental Cement For Crowns: What Is This Glue Made Of?

What is the substance used as dental cement for crowns? This is what holds the dental crown to the tooth and prevents it from falling off over time. The article will talk about dental cement and what materials are used for it. For more information about dental crowns and other restorative tooth procedures, you can visit Cooper Plains Dental’s website.

What is dental cement?

Dental cement is the glue that is used to hold the dental crowns in place. Dental cement or adhesives work by forming a chemical bond between the dental crown and the tooth underneath it. Other types of cement work using compression and can hold the dental crown in place when the glue is pressed into place using pressure. Dental cement is so useful at doing its job that when repairs are needed to be done on dental crowns, it can be tough to dislodge the crown.

Dental cement is not only used for dental crowns but in several other dental and orthodontic procedures as well. It can also be used in the application of dental implants, dental veneers, and dental bridges.

What dental cement is made of

Dental cement can be made out of a variety of substances. Dentists usually choose which type of material to use as dental glue depending on if the crown is meant to be permanent or temporary. Another basis for the choice of which dental cement to use is the type of material the dental crown itself is made cement for crowns

Temporary dental cement is usually made out of zinc-oxide-eugenol. This substance is generally used to fix a temporary crown in place while the permanent one is being fabricated. Temporary dental cement does not form a strong bond and is relatively easy to break off once the new crown is really to be put in.

Zinc phosphate, types of glass ionomers, and resin cement are the materials put into the making of semi-permanent adhesives. The combination of these materials will create the glue that is to hold the dental crown for a span of five to ten years. Resin cements are most often used with ceramic dental crowns. Glass ionomer cements may be the best choice for stainless steel dental crowns. The dental cement must be chosen wisely as some glues do not adhere well to some materials used for dental crowns.

Are you planning to have dental crowns put in?

If you have missing teeth and plan to have dental crowns replace your missing teeth, you are making the right choice. Having your missing teeth replaced will not only raise your self-esteem but will also prevent your gums from getting injured when you chew.

Dental crowns are meant to last for five to ten years, depending on the material you choose as well as how well you take care of your crowns. Dental cement for crowns is what makes the synthetic tooth last long. If you need more information on dental cement, talk to your dentist. They will be happy to explain more about dental cement and the procedure for dental crowns to you.


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