How Does A Dental Bridge Work Prosthodontist Vs General Dentist

How Does A Dental Bridge Work? (Prosthodontist Vs General Dentist)

If you’re wondering how does a dental bridge work, you may have to discuss the process of a dental prosthesis with your trusted professional. A prosthesis for support can come in many forms. People with missing teeth can receive treatment from a dentist to cover the gaps in their gums. You can also visit this website to discover more about the different dental procedures to restore your crooked, misaligned, or missing teeth. There are many choices that your general dentist can offer. But, a specialist of the dentistry field can explain what is best for your teeth and mouth’s structure. Individuals that have dental problems should be careful in preventing the health illness from becoming worse. 


Common Causes Of Missing Teeth

Teeth can become brittle if the person doesn’t take care of their oral health often. Tooth loss, tooth decay, or gum diseases can become frequent if the person skips their hygiene routine. Most families think that seniors or older adults only need restorative dentistry like dental bridges. How does a child need a dental bridge? Bad habits from overeating sugar to sleeping without brushing or flossing can lead to a missing tooth. Here are some causes that you people of all ages must be aware of.  


Untreated Cavities, Plaque, Tartar, Calculus

Cavities come from bacteria build up due to the food, beverages and dirt stuck in our teeth. The reason why healthcare awareness is essential at an early age is that untreated cavities, plaque, tartar or calculus lead to health risks. Deep cleaning or tooth extractions are just some of the services that a dentist can offer to save or restore a person’s tooth. Moreover, a dental bridge may help prevent the cavities from coming back as the person will need proper maintenance of their dental bridges. If you see any hard, white spots on your teeth, it may be best to get dental work immediately.


Inflammation That Turns Into Disease

How Does A Dental Bridge Work

The severe form of dental diseases can start from bleeding, swelling, or redness of the gums. Aging can make older adults become susceptible to gum recession or pulling of gums away from the tooth. A periodontal disease like gingivitis or periodontitis may cause a person to lose their teeth without treatment like a dental bridge, implants, or dentures. If you suspect that your bleeding gums are getting worse with toothaches or jaw pain, visit your periodontist for an initial consultation. 


Injury Or Accident That Makes The Facial Structures Collapse

Dental bridges are also vital in holding a person’s broken facial bones due to fractures. Many injuries or accidents like sports activities or vehicular accidents require dental bridge to restore their facial structures.



People who have no teeth in their mouth for years may have a genetic disease. Genetics play a huge factor for children that need fixed artificial teeth at an early age. You may want to get a bridge or implant for your child that lost their pearly whites in the mouth to replace the missing teeth.


How Does A Dental Bridge Work?

A dental bridge is a prosthesis or appliance fills on top of the gums where the loose, gap or missing teeth are. Your dentist will first numb the area where the gap is located. Then, you may either have your tooth adjusted with a porcelain, metal or cemented framework. Several types of bridges may require to place crowns for a better, natural look. An abutment may also be placed on top of the gum line which can hold the crowns or implants in place. Bridges are affordable, but it depends on what type of bridge is attached. You may have to ask your preferred clinic for their discount plans or a health insurance company for their policy. 


Types Of Dental Bridges:

Don’t know which bridge or bridges are for you? If you’re looking for further details, you can contact a local prosthodontist near your area. Remember to have a consultation first before paying for any restoration. A quick check up of your teeth with an X-ray machine can determine how many bridges or bridge you need for a more fabulous smile. 

  • Traditional bridge 
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Maryland bridges
  • Implant – supported bridge
  • Partial Fixed Or Removable bridges


Choosing Between A Prosthodontist Or General Dentist

When selecting which dentistry expert to consult for a prosthesis or dental bridge appliance, it is important not to overlook their education and training. All dentistry specialists have their expertise. However, the basic practices of dental treatment can be available in every office or clinic. Yet, cosmetic dentistry, false dental prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontics or periodontics may have procedures that vary from each other.


  • Prosthodontis

It is common for patients to visit a dental specialist after consulting a general dentist to create their prostheses like bridges, implants, crowns, or dentures. A prosthodontist specializes in the use of a prosthesis to replace the side where the gap or missing teeth is located. A patient must only go to a board certified and licensed prosthodontist for restorative dentistry. 


  • General Dentist

How Does A Dental Bridge Work Procedure

If you’re consulting for a treatment for the first time, a general dentist may also offer the procedure to make a dental bridge. The first appointment may require teeth cleaning and simple root planing and scaling if needed. However, the general dentist may or may not have the training or education to assess your gaps. Though he or she may ask for an X-ray test to turn you over to a prosthodontist to choose between cantilever, partial, or others. You can ask your local general dentist for a dental bridge explanation and may even refer you to a clinic with a good reputation that can work on a lower cost. 


Paying For The Cost Of Dental Bridge

Dental bridges aren’t that expensive, yet they are not cheap either. According to the latest data, a dental bridge can cost from $1500 to a high price of $15,000 per number of missing teeth. It also depends on the type of bridge you will avail from the office. The amount of a traditional bridge and Maryland bridge are the lowest. On the other hand, an implant supported bridge is the most expensive in cost. If you want to save money in restoring your teeth, you may ask your dental clinic for their discount packages or plans. Furthermore, a health insurance company may have coverage on your dental bridges. You may have to ask which types of bridges they can cover for, so you won’t be shocked about the out of pocket costs. You can also visit Southern Smiles’ clinic near Caringbah if you have concerns that you need to clarify for this procedure.

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