how to fix teeth gap

How to fix teeth gap

Diastema is the word that refers to the gap between teeth. Many dentists would know how to fix teeth gap, to give patients more confidence and a more beautiful smile. Find a clinic that offers no gaps treatments.


What is diastema?

The gaps between teeth are usually caused because the teeth would be too small for the jaw resulting in the teeth to grow too far apart from each other. Another common cause for tooth gaps would be a gum overgrowth that can come between the teeth. For children, thumb sucking can also cause the teeth to grow at an angle or to be spaced apart.


This condition affects both adults and children and the gap would most commonly appear in between the two front teeth. Children usually outgrow this once their permanent teeth would grow in.


Treatment options for diastema

how to fix teeth gapBraces. Braces would move the teeth into their correct spots on your jaw. But since the braces will be put to correct a gap in the teeth, all of the teeth would have to be moved. The entire mouth would be affected if braces are put.


Crowns or veneers. If your dentist tells you that the size of your teeth may be too small, they might suggest having a crown or veneer put on top of your tooth to compensate for the small size of the teeth.


Dental implants or a partial denture. Sometimes, having missing teeth would be the cause of diastema. Teeth can grow apart if there is nothing in the missing tooth’s place. Your dentist can put a dental implant or dental bridge to fill the space where the missing tooth should be.


Treatment for periodontal disease. You may need to see your dentist also for any other periodontal diseases you might have. This step has to be done to make sure that total gum health will be restored before any other treatment for the tooth gap can be administered. When your dentist tells you that your gums are healthy, that is the time you can ask about further treatment options to correct the tooth gap.


Can tooth gap be prevented?

As with any dental procedure, the first line of prevention would be to have and maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day will ensure that all the teeth remain healthy and in tip-top shape.


Stop your children from bad oral habits. Since sucking their thumb can cause abnormalities in the growth of their teeth, the moment you notice any such behavior, work on weaning your child away from it.


If you notice a gap in your teeth, don’t worry.

Remember that there are ways and treatment options available, and dentists who know how to fix teeth gap. The first thing to do would be to get in touch with your dentist. Set an appointment to find out what caused the gap in your teeth, and also to find out if you have good oral health. Good oral health is the key and the most logical first step in the prevention of any tooth and gum disease.

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