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How to make sure your battle sports mouthguard fits

Contact sports will usually require the use of a battle sports mouthguard. This would provide safety for your teeth as you do the sport you love. Read on to get suggestions from the Mobile Mouthguard Team.


How to fit a battle sports mouthguard

A properly fitted mouthguard would be needed in any contact sport. This would help avoid chafing and mouth sores that can be caused if the mouthguard does not fit properly. When you first buy a battle sports mouthguard, how do you make it fit?


Get the necessary items to properly mold the mouthguard. You would need to gather a few things before you can begin with the process of fitting the mouthguard. You will need a mug of boiling water, a mug of ice water, some paper towels, a tong, and your mouthguard, of course.


Put the mouthguard in boiling water. Once you will have gathered all the necessary things, use your tong to carefully put the mouthguard into the boiling water, be careful not to spill the water or drop the mouthguard in, to prevent any of the hot water from splattering on your skin.


Soak it in the boiling water. Let the battle sports mouthguard soak in the boiling water for around a minute or two. This would soften the hard plastic and later allow you to mold the mouthguard to fit over your teeth.


Remove it from the boiling water. Use your tong to remove the mouthguard from the boiling water, again being careful not to let any of the hot water scald your skin as you take it out.


Cool the mouthguard a little. Use the paper towels to dab the mouthguard dry, this will cool it a little bit, making the temperature a little lower as it air dries. 


Bite down on it. When you have decided that the mouthguard has cooled to a bearable temperature, put the battle sports mouthguard into your mouth and bite down on it. Use your upper lips to press it into place over your teeth. Use your tongue to make sure that there would be no parts of the mouthguard that are folded.


Soak it in cold water. After you have finished the process, and you are happy with the result, put your mouthguard into the mug of ice water you have standing by. This will quickly harden the mouthguard into the form it had taken when it was in your mouth.


battle sports mouthguardWhat if you want to re-do the process?

If you are not satisfied with the final form your mouthguard has taken, you can easily restart from the beginning. When you put the mouthguard into the hot water, it will soften again, and allow you to remold the mouthguard on your teeth again. You can repeat this until you would have a mouthguard that fits like a glove. Replace your mouthguard when you notice it is torn or has jagged edges.


Using a battle sports mouthguard is a need for any practitioner of contact sports. This will give you peace of mind that your teeth would be protected, no matter how many punches are thrown at you.

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