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How Can Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Halt Gum Recession?

If you know someone who is battling with receding gums, chances of him having it for a long time are high. Most patients who have sensitive teeth because their gums are receding often complain that it is bothering them. Still, they would not do anything about it because they think there is no other way to fix except tooth extraction. They would say, ‘it’s because we are old,’ or ‘the treatment is too expensive’ just to justify the neglect of their dental health. But listen up: if you see them again, tell them of a new way that dentists and periodontists are using to salvage the teeth and solve the symptoms of gum recession. This is what Infinity Dental Care’s pinhole surgical treatment is all about. Let us discover what pinhole gum rejuvenation is, how it works, and its difference to other dental procedures that can address gum recession.


Gum Recession: What Is it?

healthy gumsGum recession is a condition where the margin of your gums pulls back which may expose more surface of the tooth. Receding gums may look normal at first, but as time passes, you can observe that your teeth somehow look longer and the part near the gums is on the darker shade compared to the crown. You would actually have the tendency to neglect this condition because it does not present any problem at first. You will just notice it when you begin to feel a bit too sensitive when you eat or drink cold or hot food and beverages.


What Causes Gum Recession?

Before we discuss gum recession solutions like the pinhole surgery or pinhole surgical technique, let us know what causes it in the first place. Many factors can attribute to your gums receding. The main cause of this is gum disease. Periodontal diseases that come from infection attack the gum tissues and destroy them, making your gums recede and expose more of your teeth. Meanwhile, some people blame it on genetics, since there have been studies that show there are people who are more likely to have gum problems than others. Others may be too forceful when performing their dental hygiene practices, like brushing and flossing, to the point that their gums get injured and the surface of their tooth scratched. In contrast, there are those who also take their dental health for granted. Not brushing and flossing enough can certainly cause problems with your dental cavity.

smoking gum recession causeHere are other ways that you can develop gum recession:

  • Female hormonal fluctuations
  • Smoking
  • Grinding teeth (bruxism)
  • Malocclusion
  • Mouth piercings


How Do Dentists Solve Gum Recession?

If you present your case to the dentist and they found out the cause of your receding gums, they will advise you on what to do next. Apart from some recommendations on what you should need to change in your lifestyle or dental hygiene practices, he will also recommend some dental surgical procedures that can help address the problem. Here are your choices:


Open Flap Scaling And Root Planing

gum recessionThis is the procedure where the periodontist or dentist separates your gum from your teeth by cutting them open and exposing the insides of the gums. He will then clean the cavities or plaque and tartar buildup while checking the integrity of the teeth. After cleaning, he will secure the gums to fit the edges of the teeth though stitching them up. This procedure is necessary to return the gums back to their normal positioning before the recession


Soft Tissue Graft

Of all the soft tissue grafts that dentists perform, a connective tissue graft is the one applicable for gum recession. In this procedure, the dentist harvests a part of the palate skin that the patient has and transplants it to the gum. This tissue binds to the gums and allows the tooth roots to be hidden again, eliminating tooth sensitivity.



What Is Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation?

As you may have noticed, the two common gum procedures are both surgical in nature. Fear of surgery is one of the main reasons why people just neglect the gum recession. The procedure that would most likely address this that they can try is called in pinhole surgical technique or PST. In this procedure, a small pinhole is made on the top part of the gums. Specialized instruments are then used to access the gums from the inside and loosen the tissues in order to push them back to their correct position. Collagen strips are then placed to anchor and retain the gums to their place.


Why Is Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Preferred?

The pinhole gum rejuvenation that uses the pinhole surgical technique or PST is nonsurgical, so you can expect that recovery is almost immediate. It is also less painful since no sutures are made. The overall results of a pinhole surgical technique or PST are also the same as what you can expect with other gum surgeries. Moreover, a single pinhole surgery can address more teeth at the same time, compared to tissue grafting.

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