battle sports mouthguard

How to make sure your battle sports mouthguard fits

Contact sports will usually require the use of a battle sports mouthguard. This would provide safety for your teeth as you do the sport you love. Read on to get suggestions from the Mobile Mouthguard Team.


How to fit a battle sports mouthguard

A properly fitted mouthguard would be needed in any contact sport. This would help avoid chafing and mouth sores that can be caused if the mouthguard More...

fever after wisdom teeth removal

Fever after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Fever is the body’s way to signal that there is something wrong. It is not considered an illness by itself, but then if you have a fever, your body is trying to earn you that you might have an underlying condition. That being said, is fever after wisdom teeth removal normal? For more information, you can visit…/


Fever after oral surgery

It is considered normal to have a … More...

alternatives to dental implants

Good alternatives to dental implants?

We cannot deny the fact that dental implants are the gold standard in dental restorative procedures, especially with missing teeth replacement procedures are on the spotlight. They are permanent, fixed, and the most natural-looking teeth replacement appliance you will ever have. But what if you can’t have them? Do you know any alternatives to dental implants? Let us help you discover the reasons why you cannot be a candidate for … More...

how to fix teeth gap

How to fix teeth gap

Diastema is the word that refers to the gap between teeth. Many dentists would know how to fix teeth gap, to give patients more confidence and a more beautiful smile. Find a clinic that offers no gaps treatments.


What is diastema?

The gaps between teeth are usually caused because the teeth would be too small for the jaw resulting in the teeth to grow too far apart from each … More...