cheap tooth replacement for missing tooth

Need a cheap tooth replacement option?

There are many reasons you can permanently lose your teeth, and these include accidents and other dental issues. Despite that you should not be ashamed of missing teeth. Missing teeth alter aesthetics and how you speak and smile. And this affects your self-confidence. When you lose back teeth, it becomes difficult to chew food. Also when you’re left with space after tooth removal this affects other teeth because. Now the good news is that it’s possible to get cheap tooth replacement option no matter the reason for losing them. Below are common tooth replacement options available:

Dental Implants

The dental implant has a longer lifespan, more stable, and looks more natural than any other available options. It also stimulates the bone underneath the teeth to prevent facial changes occurring.

Fixed Bridgecheap tooth replacement for missing tooth

It’s a common tooth replacement method in the case where teeth get damaged deliberately. The healthy tooth at the edge of space left to grind before setting the bridge on it to support the crown. The bone left beneath the tooth-supported bridge deteriorates gradually with nothing left to stimulate it, hence alter your way of smiling.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial denture intends to bring comfort and teeth stability. Although this method has an impact on your style of speaking and type of food you eat, it gradually brings back a pleasant smile on your face.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

The bridge is made of a metal or porcelain placed on a bridge and then bonded perfectly to the existing teeth. Although the bridge doesn’t last longer, it’s much better than the partial dentures.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are one of the cheap tooth replacement options. However, the replacing cost quickly adds up. The only problem with these dentures is that it can click when you eat, speak, cough, or laugh. The individual can find discomfort and sometimes affect the taste of food as well.

Therefore, when choosing a cheap tooth replacement option, consider the above alternatives base on the cost and your need.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

All You Need To Know About Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

The wisdom teeth that are also known as the third set of molars are the last series of teeth that burst/develops into the mouth, which occurs typically between 17 and 25 years. For many years, there has been much controversy regarding the need to remove these teeth. If the teeth do not cause damage or pain, they usually will stay in place. Having an emergency tooth removal can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Reasons for Emergency wisdom tooth extraction

impacted wisdom teethIf you have impacted wisdom teeth, that do not have any issues hen, there is no need for removal. Impacted wisdom teeth refer to the condition where they lack enough space to grow due to they’re late mature, causing them to emerge at a wrong angle, or partially emerge or even get stuck.

If they are causing severe pain due to this condition, you should see a dentist. Then the dentist can determine whether there is a need for removal. The impacted wisdom teeth if not treated can cause severe tooth problems. Bacterial can form around the edge of the tooth causing them to build a plaque which can result in:


Which is a term used to describe inflammation? The eruption of the wisdom teeth causes this condition through the gum.

The symptoms for Pericoronitis that may signal you for emergency wisdom tooth removal include:

  • Fever
  • The dull ache that is seen stemming from the jaw
  • A swollen gum tissue, this causes sharp pain and discomforts even when chewing food.
  • Bad kicking mouth breath that doesn’t seem to go away even after a thorough brushing or flossing.
  • Wisdom tooth abscess
  • Mouth opening difficulties due to the swelling

Tooth decay:

Which can result in more severe complications.


Which is an infection on throat cheek or tongue


Which is a pus collection condition on the wisdom teeth

Cysts & benign growths:

Which is very rare, it’s a condition where the wisdom tooth hasn’t cut through the gums and develops a fluid-filled


Finally, your dentist may refer you to a surgeon in case the standard treatments fail to work, that is antibiotics. However, wisdom tooth removal rare happens.

Dental Implants

Why Are Dental Implants The Right Solution For You?

White healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are one of the first things you`ll note on the other people. So, it`s no surprise that the cosmetic dentistry has been experiencing its “renaissance” through the last decade. There have been many esthetic solutions to get nice looking teeth, but one thing is for sure- dental implants have become one of the most desirable ways of achieving that. Regardless of the reason why you are thinking about getting them, they are considered as a very successful and long-lasting solution. They can rejuvenate your looks and improve your oral hygiene at the same time.

To get it done you have to go through a smaller surgery since an implant is a tooth root made out of titanium which is inserted into the jawbone. You should know that titanium is well known as a material which is suitable for human bones. That is the reason why it is also used in all the other bone fracture repairs. After deciding to get dental implants you should know there are two options of attaching your new replacement teeth to it – they can be removable or fixed permanently. The second option will surely make you feel more natural since it`s a more stable one. It is an important issue especially if the patient has lost several teeth or even all of them. In that case, accurately placed implants or even a full bridge permanently fixed in your mouth are most certainly the best solutions.

Although many people are usually worried about post-treatment care, there is no reason for that. Your new teeth require precisely the same daily oral hygiene and dental checkups as your natural ones, and the rule doesn`t change either- if you take proper care of them, they will
last longer. Compared to other conventional dental solutions like dentures or bridges, implants also give you a stronger biting force which is very important to eat with confidence. Since they don’t lean directly to your natural teeth, implants won`t affect their health, as well.

So if you are searching for a lifetime solution they are a perfect choice for you, especially if you know that other conventional methods like bridges, for example, last up to ten years maximum. That should be a reason enough for anyone.

Modern Dental Professionals

Modern Dental Professionals

Over the years, dentistry has evolved from a mere trade to a reputable profession. Dentistry is the study of correcting teeth disorders mostly caused by tooth decay and oral cavity problems. In 700 AD, the technology used to treat oral diseases was a type of amalgam that was a “silver paste.” Today, dentistry encompasses a holistic approach of giving one a perfect smile. It is no longer about treating oral cavity problems but also correcting genetic defects such as the cleft palate.

The modern dental professional embraces both the scientific and technological aspects of their profession. Current dental professionals are equipped with the unique skill of catering to one’s health and wellness concerning their mouth. They have mastered the science of dentistry and molded it into an art.

Dental ProfessionalsModern dental professionals offer routine checkups and comprehensive oral care to their patients. They use advanced technology and equipment to provide oral care. This includes detection of cavity problems, treating diseased gums and teeth and dental hygiene. Oral care offered by modern dental professionals also includes teeth whitening. There are minimal oral defects that the modern dental professional is unable to treat if any.

Modern dental professionals offer dental hygiene to their patients, which is preventive care. Preventive care saves costs, time and a toothache! They offer tooth repair including filling that lasts longer and matches the teeth of the patient to ensure the beauty of their smile. Tooth filling done ensures that infection does not spread because the surrounding teeth are treated too to curb any further periodontal diseases.

Dental crowns restore damaged teeth. The modern dental professional ensures that the dental top used is the perfect size of the damaged part. That is indeed an art! Years ago, extraction was the only method of treating a decayed tooth, however today; a dentist can offer endodontic treatment. This is a less invasive method and ensures that one retains their tooth.

As the advancement of technology continues, dentistry will continue to evolve to suit modernity.