dental malpractice cases

Dental Malpractice Cases

Just like any other medical field, dental care providers involves a high level of responsibility and keenness as they handle matters of human life. However, there are sometimes when dentists make mistakes during their line of duty. Legally, dental malpractice is when a dentist fails to properly follow the required diagnosis or treatment procedures, causing a significant injury or even death. When this happens, the dentists can face several lawsuits for negligence search online for more information related to this matter. Therefore, the following are some of the most common dental malpractice cases.

•Improper use of sedatives dental malpractice cases

Before conducting any dent surgery, it is always vital for dentists to apply anesthesia to help manage the pain. However, people react to this anesthesia differently. Therefore, the doctors need to formulate the right decision of how much anesthesia to use for a particular procedure, based on the body size of the patient as well as the type of procedure. Failure to examine this, misapplication of the anesthesia can happen, and this can be potentially dangerous.

•Nerve injury

Another common malpractice is the injury of the nerve fibers. The mouth is often full of nerve endings. This is the reason why you can always feel pain nearly in every corner of your mouth. Working around these nerves requires keenness and focus. However, some dental practitioners may fail to pay needed attention while doing any surgery leading to injury of the nerve endings, causing pain. As such, a negligence case may be filed in such situations.

•Substandard crowns and bridge treatment

Some dentists may decide on conducting a procedure without adequate planning. In such cases, the bridges and crowns may fail to align correctly in the mouth, causing lots of discomforts. This is a problem which is caused by negligent and therefore can be sued in law courts.

Other common malpractices include

  • Making errors during a medical procedure
  • Failing o diagnose dental disease.
  • Extracting healthy teeth.
  • Using infected or non-sterile equipment causing infections or blood poisoning.

Therefore, you should always be keen to ensure that you don’t fall a victim of the above malpractices. In any case, you do, you can sue the dentist for his or her negligence.

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