loose dental bridge symptoms

Loose dental bridge symptoms

Dental bridges with time may start to loosen up unknowingly to the user. This may be caused by various reasons like having used them for a long time, poor oral hygiene, e.t.c. Regular check up is needed so that your dentist can identify any occurring problem that may need repairing or replacing. However, you will be able to identify a loose bridge all by yourself. According to dentists there are some loose dental bridge symptoms that will guide you in identifying a problem first-hand and taking necessary action. Read on and know what they are.

Loose dental bridge symptoms

1. Sensitivity

Once your dental bridge becomes loose, you may start being sensitive when doing things like communicating, eating or drinking foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold. This is because the connecting element and the bridge may be touching your gum areas or tooth. It is therefore advisable to let your dentist know about it in order to take proper action to avoid further tooth issues and decay.

2. Movement when biting or touched loose dental bridge symptoms

You can identify a loose dental bridge by touching it with your tongue or fingers. When touched, a loose bridge tends to move slightly. Additionally, this movement may be more noticeable when biting or chewing. Due to sensitivity and the movement being made by the loose dental bridge, your ability to chew and bite can be affected. This can also lead to decadence under the area where the bridge is loose.

3. Discomfort

Loose dental causes discomfort because it tends to feel like it has shifted from where it was before. This can lead to problems like difficulty in biting, chewing or communication due to pain and sensitivity.

4. Bad taste in the mouth

If you start experiencing a foul/bad taste like in the mouth that was not there before, a loose dental bridge could be the cause. This could be due to decadence on areas where the bridge is loose or lodged food between the bridge and the other teeth.

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