portable compressor

The advantages of using a portable compressor in the medical practice

The use of a portable compressor extends to many medical and dental procedures. You can find a related article when you click here to know more about the benefits of a portable unit, read cattanicompressors.com.au/2019/08/17/portable-medical-air-compressor.

What is a portable compressor?

A portable air compressor provides the needed compressed air that is used in many medical and dental procedures. It is a small machine that provides air that can be More...

dentist autoclave

Benefits of using a dentist autoclave in your dental practice

The use of a dentist autoclave is essential in any dental office. It keeps all the tools and equipment clean and sterile to avoid contamination between patients. This article will talk about how dental sterilizers can benefit every dental practice. In relation to this, you can check out this link to know more about how a premium autoclave like Melag can benefit your dental practice.

What is the dentist’s autoclave?

deep sedation

IV Deep Sedation in Dental Practice

Individuals visiting the dental clinic always have that perception that IV sedation dentistry helps to keep patients calm. But if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that this approach is more than just for relaxation purposes.

Technically, the level of sedation advised by the dentist will vary on how anxious you get when getting a dental procedure. When you talk about IV deep sedation, it’s the medium level type … More...

Transitioning From A Dental Hygienist To Dentist

Transitioning From A Dental Hygienist To Dentist

Patients often think that in a clinic, there is only a dentist or doctor and there’s the assistant. However, as time changes, there are more people with specific educational backgrounds to analyze your mouth’s health. Are you aware of the term Dental Hygienist? Are there huge differences in dental hygienist to dentist in terms of duties and responsibilities? Dentistry is more than just knowing about the need for oral health. … More...