wisdom teeth extraction

Can I Use a Straw 1 Week After Tooth Extraction without Any Complications?

Whether or not it is advisable to use a straw 1 week after tooth extraction is a common concern among patients recovering from dental procedures; understanding the dos and don’ts post-tooth extraction is crucial for a smooth and swift healing process.

This article delves into the specifics of post-operative dental care, focusing particularly on using straws. We’ll explore the reasons behind the common recommendations, provide insights from dental professionals, and More...

infection after wisdom teeth removal

Infection after Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Do

Most dental operations are routine treatments, and infection control techniques are as good as they’ve ever been, thanks to daily improvements in medical services. Infections do happen, and it is your responsibility as a patient to know what else to monitor so you could get follow-up treatment if necessary. Dental experts at MLD’s clinic located in Burwood would advise you that the best approach to guarantee that your recovery goes … More...