veneers vs crowns

Veneers vs Crowns

Having a good smile makes a person have confidence and it boost his or her self-esteem. But having broken teeth or discolored have the opposite effects. If you got any of these problems then, you can get back your smile. There are two ways in which the teeth can be improved, that is by dental crowns and dental veneers.

Dental veneers vs crowns


Both of these methods are done by the use of a custom made a molding of the teeth in order to give the patient healthy white teeth. What a cosmetic dentist does, is to take a mold of the teeth or tooth to be fixed and takes it to the dental laboratory. When the cosmetics dentist receives it back, the molding adhered to the tooth of the patient using adhesive. Both methods can withstand the stains of the cigarette, tea, and coffee and they approximately cost the same.


  • Dental veneers

veneers vs crownsThey only encase the front of the tooth that will be revealed when a patient smiles. The thickness of the tooth needs to be reduced by approximately one millimeter since it covers the front part alone. They are used by patients who have strong teeth structure. Veneers are brittle so if the tooth that needs to be fixed does a lot of chewing and grinding then, this is not a good choice.

  • Dental Crowns

This encloses the entire tooth. The tooth that needs to be fitted, will be reduced to about two millimeters or more. Crowning changes the color and the shape of the tooth completely, therefore, it is mainly used in the repair of teeth that are broken or decayed. They are stronger than veneer, therefore, can be used on teeth that do chewing and grinding.

When you want to improve the appearance and the look of your teeth, talk to your dentist and choose one of the above methods.

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