Transitioning From A Dental Hygienist To Dentist

Transitioning From A Dental Hygienist To Dentist

Patients often think that in a clinic, there is only a dentist or doctor and there’s the assistant. However, as time changes, there are more people with specific educational backgrounds to analyze your mouth’s health. Are you aware of the term Dental Hygienist? Are there huge differences in dental hygienist to dentist in terms of duties and responsibilities? Dentistry is more than just knowing about the need for oral health. Differences in studies and career paths led to opportunities for other people to explore more about it. A dentist near Marrickville suggests to read more on what specific dental professional you need.

Difference Between The Careers

Aside from being a dental hygienist or dentist, there are also dental careers that are potentially the next career for you. If you are someone that is not sure in choosing what dental career branch you want, know the differences between them. Education is highly important in attaining a specific career. Oftentimes, people think that a dental hygienist is just an assistant but there’s more to the dental practice. There are master degrees and further programs for both dental hygienists to dentists.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is someone who usually does all the lab work, examinations, and assessment of a patient. More than likely, a dental hygienist assists the dentist in all the basic processes of the dental checkup. A dental hygienist may take X-ray examinations, dental cleaning, blood pressure, and heart rate. Recently, a lot of dental schools offer further education and training for dental hygienists making the career more sought after. Of course, it is inevitable for dental hygienists to really grab the opportunity to become a dentist instead.


The dentist, on the other hand, performs surgical or dental procedures such as fillings, dental repairs, and tooth extraction. A dentist can do what a dental hygienist can also do. However, they also need to specialize in a specific dentistry practice such as being a pediatric dentist, a cosmetic surgeon, or other specializations. Most of their work involves dental procedures that patients need when it comes to complicated dental problems. In terms of salary, dentists really receive more than dental hygienists with a reported amount of USD $130,835.

Career Paths

Dental Hygienist To Dentist Differences and Advantage

Typically, a dental hygienist may take 1-2 years in education while a dentist requires a full 4-year dental course in a recognized dental school. When it comes to career paths, people who want to do freelancing dental practice often take their chances of becoming a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist may take more training and experience in different kinds of dental clinics. Some dental hygienists may also consider working publicly for the local community or do private assistance for hospice or home dental care. Most that consider transitioning from a dental hygienist to dentist is sure enough to settle down in a specific clinic. Both careers require board-certification and examinations to get their licenses.

 Requirements To Become A Dentist

If you are a dental hygienist to dentist hopeful for the career change, there are certain requirements for you to get. First, you need to know if your dental hygienist career has the right curriculum subjects. This helps in the recognition of not taking these subjects anymore. A dentist curriculum mostly asks for an 8-year course but can be decreased to 6 years. Ask your local dental school regarding more details about your desired degree.

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