Oral Sedation In Pediatric Dentistry A Guide For Parents

Oral Sedation In Pediatric Dentistry: A Guide For Parents

Children are not the same as adults when it comes to health care. In the same way, most kids are sensitive to pain and distress. As a parent, it is normal for you to worry about the safest and most effective way of keeping them healthy. Especially in dental care, kids are not enthusiastic about cooperating with you or their dentist. A parent needs to guide their kids on the best preparation before any dental clinic visit. Good thing that there are clinics available to give oral sedation in pediatric dentistry to make the dental visits better. Southern Smiles’ clinic in Miranda, NSW encourages parents to always have their kids attend a regular checkup to avoid any teeth or gum concerns in the future.

Types of Sedation For Children

Due to advancements in medical and dental procedures, kids are also able to get their teeth problems a solution. Sedation or Anesthesia for kids is the same for adults but with fewer dosages to suit their bodies. Some dentists may give a regular needle way. On the other hand, most dentists opt for safe to use masks, oral medicines, or gas to help numb the pain. Here is some information that will help you get to discuss these options with your kid’s dentist.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a common sedation type to make a person undergo sleep during any type of operation. It can be given through IV or through a mask with nitrous oxide or laughing gas. It is important to monitor the medications given to your child regarding the right dosage. During the anesthesia procedure, the child will feel a relief in anxiety and minimal pain. It also helps them relax their muscles and avoid a gag reflex.

Oral Sedatives

A popular sedative method used nowadays is oral sedation in pediatric dentistry. It is used for non-painful procedures while the child is still conscious. Some surgeries may require the lungs and heart to function properly so this method is used. The dosage will be according to her weight, teeth problems, and any circumstances diagnosed by the anesthesiologist and the surgical dental doctor.

Nitrous Oxide

This type of safe gas element is often called a laughing gas that is mild for them. It is given through a mask that carries oxygen mixed with the medication. The sedation takes effect in a quick manner and the operation will proceed. Even if this a mild sedative, it is efficient in making your child not feel anything and even leave them happy. The anesthesiologist will proceed in giving your child oxygen again and recover afterward. It is advised for kids not take heavy meals before choosing this anesthesia procedure.

Why Is Dental Care Important For Kids?

Oral Sedation Pediatric Dentistry Types

Now you’re aware of what oral sedation pediatric dentistry method can do. That said, it is very much substantial to realize why oral care is important not just for kids but for everyone. Oral hygiene is actually connected to all of your body’s functions and needs. Most diseases that spread in the body comes from the bloodstreams of the person. These bloodstreams are connected to the nerves and most of them are found in the gums and the tongue. Sensitive may not just require a wash and spit method but it also needs proper medication as well. A dentist is the only person that can check if your child is suffering from any oral diseases that can potentially harm their overall wellness and health.

How You Can Help As a Parent

Kids often skip brushing their teeth at important times during the day due to how they think it is a chore. As a parent, you’re responsible as a model for their oral health. Show how enthusiastic you are in encouraging them by brushing your teeth with them. It is also great that you need to accompany them whenever they’re inside the dentist’s clinic. Lastly, a kid who knows more about their body will live a better and healthier life.


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