how to fix lock jaw

How to fix lockjaw

The temporomandibular disorder also known as lockjaw is a type of dental disorder which causes much pain to a dental patient at the joint region where the skull and the lower part of the jaw come into contact. The temporomandibular is usually accompanied by a patient experiencing pain in the ear or face region. A patient is likely to experience problems in chewing, opening and closing of the mouth.

Some of the most common causes of lockjaw problems are muscle pains as a result of the grinding of a patient’s teeth, injury or arthritis. The common ways on how to fix lock jaw problem are;

1. Massaging your jaw.

It is advisable for a person experiencing lockjaw to use a towel cloth that has been soaked in warm water to rub it on both sides of the jaw for a period of around 10-15 minutes. This is an important procedure since it helps in the relaxation of the jaw muscles thus reducing inflammation.

2.Knead your jaw using your fingers

A patient experiencing lockjaw is advised to place fingers on the lower part of the jaw at the area below the cheekbones and knead the jaws slowly the patient moves the fingers back towards the ear region. The next step is to press the fingers on that region as the patient moves them in a circular motion which will make the lockjaw loosen. how to fix lock jaw

3.Stretch the temporomandibular using your thumb.

Placing the thumb on the jaw region helps in reducing TMJ. This can be done by placing the thumbs on the jawline above the mandible muscle area. A patient can also use hands to wiggle the jaws from side to side which helps in releasing the tension on the jaw.

In conclusion,

It is advisable for a patient experiencing lockjaw problem to repeat the above process regularly which in the long run will help in overcoming the lockjaw problem. If lockjaw problem persists, it is advisable to seek medical help.

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