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Toothache drops : Is it effective for tooth pain?

A toothache, or dental pain, is a sensational pain in the teeth and their structures, caused by dental diseases. It can also be a pain from having trauma presented to the mouth. This kind of situation needs urgent care for tooth accidents. Severe toothaches caused by infection has a tendency to be a serious health hazard  as the infection may spread to other parts of the body through your blood, including the brain. Mild to moderate toothache may also be bothersome to the point that it already affects our sleep, food intake, and our normal daily activities. Having pain relief on standby, like toothache drops, can be very handy during this inconvenient scenarios.

Hence, toothache drops are one of the most wanted and used first aid treatment for tooth pain. Among the most common reasons behind emergency dental appointments, the teeth problems may arise from their gums, the jaws, and the sinuses. Hence, the type of teeth pain may vary and the following discussion on their causes is useful in determining the underlying source of it all.


Causes of toothache


• Tooth Decay

This is the major cause of toothache. It results from certain types of bacteria or from some foods and drinks. The bacteria are found in thin, white film dental plaque which are always forming after brushing the teeth. These bacteria destroy and erodes the teeth when they feed and produce a toxic acid which destroys the teeth structure and can lead to cavities.

The main dangerous foods in particular are the sugars and carbohydrates. This is due to the plaque bacteria’s love for them. These bacteria feed on the sugars and carbs which they then turn into plaque acids for a severe destruction of the tooth.
A sure prevention of tooth cavity is to avoid frequent consumption of carbs and sugary foods or drinks.


toothache drops teeth

• Cracked Tooth

Cracks are developed due to physical injuries or exposure of teeth to unfavorable conditions, including types of meals. Cracks form in numerous ways according to several possible causes of the same. The various types of cracks include; Broken cusp of a molar or a premolar tooth, Crazing of incisors or canine teeth, and general crack of the tooth from the top downwards towards the root.



• Dental Sensitivity

This refers to a reaction of teeth to anything, hot, cold or sweet. This is normally caused by the exposure of the soft part of the teeth called the dentine which results from loss of the harder part of the teeth called the enamel. Dentine is more sensitive and communicates with the nerve within, hence this condition can be corrected by immediate visit to the dentist.

Other instances where toothache drops are useful include:

• Impacted wisdom teeth
• Gum diseases such as Aug and periodontal abscess.
• Jaw pains such as TJM disorder and pains from grinding and clenching.
• Problems after dental treatment. This occurs normally after procedures, such include tooth pain after filling and root canal treatment.
• Teething in babies as their teeth push through the gums.

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