dental work and breastfeeding

Dental Work and Breastfeeding

Nursing mothers with dental issues are often concerned about undergoing dental work and breastfeeding their babies. Consequently, Some nursing mothers will often choose to postpone visits to their dentists while waiting to wean their babies. This ends up worsening their dental health and sometimes leading to severe and serious health concerns. Besides, some nursing mothers may insist on suspending breastfeeding after the visits to their dentists fearing that the pain management medication and anesthetic may negatively impact their infants. However, there should not be any cause for alarm as most dental procedures are safe for lactating mothers. If you want to read more information visit this link.

Anesthetics and Medicines dental work and breastfeeding

Most mothers are particularly worried about the impact of anesthetics fearing it could affect their babies. conversely, most anesthetics used in dental work are considered safe for nursing mothers, for one, local anesthetics including lidocaine and bupivacaine are completely safe since their milk levels are zero. Most oral and IV sedatives such as valium are also safe since the one dose which is often administered before dental works are also considered safe since it is highly compatible with breastfeeding. further, even nitrous oxide sedation is safe for breastfeeding mothers since it is highly insoluble in the bloodstream which facilitates faster excretion in about 3 to 5 minutes after inhaling. There are also numerous pain management medications available for lactating mothers that dentist prescribe to the breastfeeding mothers


Nursing mothers can comfortably breastfeed their babies just before dental work and almost immediately after a dental procedure as soon as they feel ready and alert to hold their baby. It is however critical to inform the dentist that you are a nursing mom for safe and appropriate treatment and medication as most dentists will use specific medicines for lactating mothers. Further, regardless of the severity of the dental problem or the procedure nursing mothers should have any reservations in seeking dental works.

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