What is a Dental Technician and What do they do?

Even though those who have had dental problems in the past may understand the role of a dental technician, most of the first time dental patients may ask “what is a dental technician?” This article will break down the definition and the role of the dental technician and put them into the right perspective for easy understanding and also for more information about professionals that offers unique services read about the FAQ‘s.

In most case, the dental technician works together with the dentist in the dental care and smile restoration process. Once the dentist has made a prescription of an appliance, it’s the role of the dental technician to design and get exactly what will best serve the patient.

In most cases, they work in the background hence it can be difficult to meet them. They are the main support behind prosthetic teeth, such as implants and bridges that are commonly used by the dentist. Whenever you visit the dentist’s office, the dentist will examine all the requirement, take the measurements and send them to the dental technician. In consultation with the dentist, the technician will know which material best match the patient needs.

Qualifications to become a Dental Technician. what is a dental technician

The role is equally technical as it combines the use of art, science and technology in the same field of study. Before you can settle to become a dental technician, you must understand where your passion falls and whether you enjoy arts.

Dental technicians train together with the dentists but specialize in different areas where they will work to support the dentist. Proper understanding of the material to be used for the appliances together with the tooth anatomy is key during the training of any dental technician.

Technological support for a dental technician.

With the introduction of technology and the use of computers in different sectors, dental technician work has been made simpler. Computer-aid design together with 3 D technology makes it possible for them to have the exact measures and appliances designed within a short time.

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