tooth extraction and bone graft recovery

Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft Recovery

The most feared procedure in dentistry is tooth removal. Tooth removal is the process of tooth removal from its socket in the bone. Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft Recovery worst pain that one can experience and the recovery after surgery will take too long. If the tooth becomes damaged severely then the solution is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction can be done due to the reason that the tooth is broken or damaged due to decay of the tooth, the dentist tries to repair this by filling and fixing a crown but if the tooth is much-damaged tooth extraction is the solution since at that stage it cannot be repaired.

A tooth can be extracted in either simple extraction or surgical extraction. A simple extraction is done by general tooth extraction and bone graft recovery dentists where the teeth are visible in the mouth and a local anesthetic is used before the extraction. A surgical extraction is done on teeth that cannot be accessed easily and this does happen when the tooth has broken down under the gum line. In this case, the surgeon needs to cut the gum thus providing access to removing the piece of the tooth.

After tooth extraction, the doctor will prescribe an OTC drug to reduce the pain. Ice pack can also be used as a solution for swelling after the surgery. The stitches that were used in surgical extraction may disappear after a few days and the leftover will be removed by the dentist. Smoking should be avoided because it might remove the clotting from the tooth hole leading to bleeding.

Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery will depend on the injury and the size of the bone graft. The graft may take some months to heal therefore the sinus must be kept clean to avoid infection that may delay the recovery of the grafted bone. If the pain becomes more persistent after tooth extraction, it is advisable to consult your dentist immediately for further check-up.

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