tooth sensitivity to chocolate

How to handle tooth sensitivity to chocolate

Maintaning a good oral hygiene and a visit to Top Health, a West Ryde dental clinic can be the best things you can do to achieve an excellent oral care and healthy teeth. From the early days of teeth development, children are kept away from frequent sweet treats which may interfere with their enamel later in life. Different cases of tooth sensitivity to chocolate have been reported both in adults and children. Your teeth are easily made to be sensitive when there are damages on the enamel which exposes them to more risks and make them sensitive to sugar and other sugary foods.

There are different causes of sensitive teeth that must be avoided in order to limit cases of sensitive teeth. Tooth enamel erosion can be caused by extreme acidic food, bushing extremely hard among other causes that will finally make the teeth sensitive. Since the enamel offers the main protection to the teeth, the nerves are easily exposed when they are removed or eroded.

The inner layer of your tooth is very sensitive to chocolate and other sweet foods and can be very problematic when you suffer from such a condition. Whenever the sugary food comes in contact with the teeth, they can easily access the inner nerve centre which can easily cause pain and create a lot of discomforts. tooth sensitivity to chocolate

If chocolates and other sugary foods are your favourites and you can’t imagine surviving without them, it’s advisable to prevent your teeth from the extreme effects. There are different steps that can work perfectly to make sure you enjoy chocolates your whole life with minimum effects on the enamel.

All you need to do is to put you chocolate cravings under your control to make sure the enamel is protected in order to protect the whole teeth and avoid sensitive teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and sensitive tooth protective toothpaste that will make sure you have maximum protection against sensitive teeth. Don’t brush too hard but do it after at least twice a day since this may cause a crack on the teeth making them sensitive. Don’t depend on your own ideas on dental care but instead, work closely with your dentist on the right techniques to brush and care for your teeth.

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